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The Eagle Blu-Ray captures

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

I’ve added captures of Channing from The Eagle to our gallery, so please enjoy!

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

In the invigorating, cool-toned, action-filled Roman historical adventure The Eagle, Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) is a valiant soldier of the Roman Empire circa a.d. 140. Esca (Jamie Bell) is Marcus’ slave, a young Briton whom Marcus saved from death. The two men are enemies. Esca hates Marcus for the invasive, militaristic empire he represents. Yet there they are, dependent on each other, traipsing over the highlands of Caledonia — that’s present-day Scotland — north of Hadrian’s Wall, looking for a Roman emblem known as the Eagle of the Ninth.

Millions who have read Rosemary Sutcliff’s ripping 1954 historical novel named after that eagle already know the stakes. Anyone else ready for rugged action involving swords, sandals, designated savages, and bonding between political adversaries is bound to fall in happily with the mood of this handsome, lean production. The story and setting may be ancient, but under the direction of Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland), and with a nicely textured screenplay by Macdonald’s Scotland coscreenwriter Jeremy Brock, the vigor is fully modern. The director’s documentary background informs his almost reportorial attention to landscape, fighting technique, and especially the wild, fascinating otherness of the peoples beyond the reach of Rome. The characteristically rich grain of the (often handheld) cinematography by Slumdog Millionaire‘s Anthony Dod Mantle adds to the you-are-there feeling.

By the way: That’s Tahar Rahim, star of last year’s A Prophet, unrecognizable in body paint as the Seal Prince. Donald Sutherland, on the other hand, is instantly recognizable, even togaed up as Marcus’ uncle Aquila. B+


Channing Tatum Soldiers on in “The Eagle”

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Hot actor Channing Tatum wowed us first with his freestyle dance moves in Step Up but his resume is also full of portrayals of American service men (Stop-Loss, G.I. Joe, Dear John). Channing’s great respect for the soldier has now led him to go super retro and play a 2nd Century Roman legionnaire in the buddy picture/actioner The Eagle, based upon a very popular young adult novel by Rosemary Sutcliffe called “The Eagle of the Ninth”.

Channing plays Marcus, son of a disgraced legionnaire dad who is trying to clear his family name. A “bromance” of sorts includes a slave from the Roman-occupied British lands called Esca played by talented Jamie Bell of Billy Elliott, King Kong and Jumper fame. When he saves Esca’s life after a gladiator match, Marcus is stuck with him; an avowed enemy, until the two young men must team up in dangerous territory to survive.

We are with the hot actor learning that the guys did most of their own stunts in the film and we’ll say that this stuff looks dangerous! We’re asking about the very difficult shoot and Channing’s history buff research for the role. We’re also getting some info on Channing’s upcoming 21 Jump Street film!TeenHollywood: You’re playing a soldier again and it’s obviously a different century but do you feel an affinity toward playing that type of man?

Channing Tatum: I don’t know if it’s playing that type but I have an affinity for soldiers and what they stand for and what they do for sure. I think just because it’s so mind-boggling to me what they would put on the line and what they do put on the line today. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m a coward, that I couldn’t go do it but I just respect it so much.

Also, it’s a more complicated yet simpler way of life. They have a responsibility to the person next to them and for themselves and that’s it. You don’t have to figure out all these other politics. It’s just simplistically beautiful, yet dangerous and crazy.


Film Review: ‘The Eagle’ an Engaging But One-Dimensional Tale About Roman Empire

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland star in the mystery tale of what happened to the 5,000 men of the mighty Ninth Legion who disappeared in what is now Scotland.

The Eagle is an engaging, if straightforward and one-dimensional, quest tale set in the wilds of northern Britain during Roman times. Based on a 1954 best-seller by the late Rosemary Sutcliff, one the last century’s most popular English authors of books for young readers, this story of colliding cultures and lost honor regained is more intimate and less brutal than most period epics made these days. But while this Eagle may fly in the U.K. and some other international markets, prospects for this PG-13-rated Focus release look iffier domestically, where adult audiences may find it simplistic and teens may not sense enough fun or action within to check it out.

Ironically, practically the first thing one notices is that these are Romans who speak American English. For as long as movies have talked, Romans have been associated with regal-style British speech, while their subjects and assorted rebels were often cast with Yanks. In fact, the choice Scottish director Kevin Macdonald has made is perfectly sensible, in that the occupiers of Britain should sound like outsiders there, and he has the native Picts speak Scots Gaelic, with accompanying subtitles. The decision also carries an edge of political commentary suggestive of the U.S. having succeeded the U.K. in the empire business. Still, the linguistic switcheroo takes a little getting used to, at least for anyone with much experience watching epic cinema.


Pegasus News Video Interview

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

There’s no embed code but the interview can be seen here at their website.