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Nature gave Channing Tatum beautiful appearance: tall, athletic build, charming appearance. But what distinguishes Channing from other krasavchikov million worldwide – it is, of wonderful personality traits : dedication, hard work, optimism, sociability and, of course, devotion to his profession. And yet Jong – very good-natured and helpful person with a big warm heart.

Channing Tatum was born on April 26, 1980, in the small town of Alabama Kalman. When Chen was 6 years old, his family moved to Mississippi. Here and spent his childhood and youth of the future actor. As recognized himself, Channing, he liked the rustic lifestyle. The boy could hunt rattlesnakes and alligators, fish whole day long, to play football – what, in fact, Chen and engaged. Nature has given its athletic, and already in his early years the boy seriously interested in martial arts.

Since childhood, his father was engaged in physical training of his son by teaching him to play football, baseball, rugby. It is not surprising that in the 9th grade Chen received a football scholarship that allows him to go to State College.
However, the diligent student of Chen did not work . Soon he tired of studying, and he set out to find the first available job. A path to the business model proved to be a truly thorny for Chen. However, as they say, a talented person is talented in everything. Chen tried himself in the role of seller, and as a builder. Among other specialties, who mastered the future actor, appear nurse in a veterinary clinic, a mortgage broker, and even a stripper! At the same Tatum did not stop work on themselves , supporting himself in excellent physical shape, practicing Kung Fu and Capoeira.

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Exhausting training, hard work and iron will power brought its natural result: Tatum saw the casting in Orlando and was invited to shoot the music video “She Bangs “Ricky Martin. Shortly thereafter, Chen fell down invitations from various fashion magazines (Vogue, Men’s Health, etc..). Chen signed a contract with modeling agency Page 305, which is working to this day. And already in 2001 Channing enters the list of the 50 most beautiful people of the planet (according to Tear Sheet Magazine Journal). But this success did not become dizzy for Channing. On the contrary, as they grow older, he began to clearly recognize that the modeling business – it’s not exactly a sphere, which he liked. He wanted more, and he began taking acting lessons at the box Dina Levy studio.
His first cameo Channing Tatum starred in «CSU: Crime Scene Investigation” . It was the year 2004. Working in film, coupled with a natural curiosity contributed to disclosure Chene new talent, such as passion dance, literary work, the actor’s craft. The latter hobby Chen decided to devote most of his time. It is acting break Channing managed to fully realize its potential.
Slim, muscular physique, manly face and amazing generosity of mind, which are fully characterized Chen, helping him to blend harmoniously into the image of the brave, brave warrior. It is no wonder that the movie “Dear John” , where Chan played the role of a soldier of the American army, was crowned with great success, recouping its budget almost 4 times.

As recognized by the actor himself, films, including battle scenes, are for him the most difficult, but not so much physically, but in terms of the emotional. After the filming of “The Eagle” , in which Tatum starred centurion Marcus Aquila, screenwriter Jeremy Brock admitted: “Everyone knows Tatum as a courageous, charismatic actor. However, what most struck me in Chene is a deep understanding of the personality of the hero . Tatum, filling image of your character an incredible charm, proved that he is not just another handsome actor with muscles and a real talent. ” The main role in the dance comedy ” Step Up ” (2006) brought Tatum not only true popular but also at the same time – happiness in his personal life. His “screen” sweetheart Jenny Dewan was to become his wife. After three years of courtship Tatum won the heart of Jenny, and now they are happy and harmonious family. As a recognized actor in one of his interviews, he never knew what he wanted to do in life , and thus, he is distressed parents. He dabbled in various fields, learned life and realized that he was madly in love art. Now he does not have to worry: he does his beloved profession, he found happiness in his personal life and, in addition, he has the opportunity to travel the world, as not everyone can even dream of . Times Channing proved that he can cope with any role provided that he is interested in the movie work. He is ready to withstand the special programs of training and nutrition if required by its future role.

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In particular, before the shooting of the film “The fighting without rules” , where Tatum played the role of a simple street kid, the actor had to go through 3 weeks of special physical training (which included a set of exercises and strict diet). At the same time, the actor is very selective in the choice of their future character. Chen never took for the project only in order to earn money on it. It attracts only those roles that seem to him promising and interesting. Roles that allow it to maximize the truly grandiose show their acting talent.

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