Channing and Rachel’s Funny “Meet Cute” Moment

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We talk romance, fun on set and more with the stars of The Vow.

Turns out that, although they are in a rather serious romantic film with a few light moments, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum (he’s everywhere right now) are really hilarious in an interview.

Rachel enters our interview room in cute shorts. I dig down her waistband for the designer. They’re by Roxanda and topped off with a silk, fluffy pink blouse by Valentino. Black heels trimmed with beige finish off her outfit. Picture Chan (as his pals call him) in prim but casual black suit over a grey shirt.

How did these two hit it off at their first real meeting?

Kidzworld: Since you hadn’t worked together before, what surprised you about each other?

  • Rachel: I’d always heard lovely things about Channing but it’s one thing to hear that and another to experience it and he went above and beyond all expectations because [to him] I’ve never met anyone like you. I mean that in the very best way. He’s the most open-hearted, generous, open-spirited person I know and he doesn’t do anything halfway either.

Even our meeting was unique.  He came bounding into the room and almost knocked me down. He had three dogs following him. He shook my hand, tried on a dress, threw it down and ran out of the room [we’re all laughing].

  • Channing: That’s just what I do when I meet somebody. “I look better in this than you do.  Have you tried on that one?”
  • Rachel: He was trying to help me. I was in a fitting. He’s always trying to help.


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