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“The Vow” director Michael Sucsy has no trouble recalling his first impression of Channing Tatum, at least not anymore. “A friend reminded me he’d shown me an issue of Details or GQ and (Tatum) was on the cover, and I said, ‘Well, I’d work with him!’

“He’s an extremely attractive guy, but when his name came up for ‘The Vow’ … I’d always seen him play these emotionally colder, sort of military parts.” After meeting with the actor, however, Sucsy told producers: ” ‘He’s perfect for this. This guy’s got a bigger heart than his chest cavity.’ I sensed it in that meeting and can confirm it now: He is the white knight he plays in this movie.”

After only seven years in the business, Tatum is emerging as a complex figure: In person, he projects a guy’s-guy Southern gentlemanliness; he made his name in dancing movies; his filmography is dotted equally with popcorn flicks and collaborations with Steven Soderbergh, Dito Montiel and Kimberly Peirce. And despite those uncomplicated screen personas that gave Sucsy pause, the former model and stripper is now a hands-on producer.


  1. darcia brown says:

    hey channing i loved the vow it was so romantic and i really loved 21 jump street it was very funny your so handsome.

  2. Yollie says:

    That will be one gorgeous baby!!! Congrats, Tatum Family!

  3. Marlene Osier says:

    No I would not watch the musical unless Channing was in it.

  4. Dini says:

    You bet those skimpy lil thongs I would watch it! But then again I would watch ANYTHING with Channing Tatum in it. But if he is NOT going to be in the sequel or prequel–well the other guys are hot– but just not quite as hot as Channing–so then like uhhh whatz the point!!??

  5. Sharon says:

    I would luv to see Magic Mike Sequal BUT, Channing has to be dancing. He made the show, no doubt. He has moves beyond moves. He’s totally Sexy & Hot! Why would he not dance? HE MADE THE SHOW!

  6. Justine says:

    I’d really love to see Channing in more and more movies ! But what I’d love most, is to see him playing with Lacey Chabert ! I think they can make a cute couple on screen !

    If you agree with me, please sign my petition here :

    Thank you !

  7. Big Mac! says:

    he better not be dead you can’t kill off duke thats the whole poin of Gi joe just like anikin is the whole point of star wars!

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  9. shanika overton says:

    Hi Channing Tatum How are you doin? I see you have some more movies coming out.I cant wait int’il your movies come out.I haven’t been on facebook lately.becaus somebody try too use my facebok page.I have to get it update.but you can email me on twitter.I have twitter too.Will keep in touch.Tell your wife I said hi.Ya’ll have a good weekend.Take care.And God Bless.Friend and fan.Shanika.Ovrton

  10. Lisa Verdin-Bowen says:

    Congrats to ALL with your future endeavors.

    I do hope to see him and his wife acting together again as their chemistry shows on and off the screen.

    Here’s hoping for the best for ALL in 2011 and many years to come.

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