3M Paint Protection Film – The Clear Advantage

The 3M paint protective film is specially designed to maintain the beauty and integrity of automotive paints. On the front, wheel arches, door edges, bumpers, tail lifts, or rear doors, a clear urethane coating allows the vehicle's color gloss to be visible and at the same time protects it from damage from rock debris, insects, abrasion, and weather.

The 3M paint protective film is made of thermoplastic urethane, a tough and adaptable plastic material used for its durability. This layer is covered with a transparent layer that contains a UV shield to fight harmful ultraviolet rays and resist yellowing.

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The film is attached with a highly effective pressure-sensitive adhesive which provides excellent adhesion to the paint and prevents costly field damage. Film user feedback Three aftermarket companies are discussing using 3M film to protect the paint, its benefits, and how it can save vehicle owners money.

The 3M paint protective film makes your car look longer in the showroom by protecting it from the weather, the environment, and human influences. Without this protection, something will damage your new car cover. 

Your car needs excellent protection from the world around you. Otherwise, you will lose the battle against dirt, debris, scratches, time, and chips. Even minor scratches go away thanks to the self-healing technology of the 3M Pro Series.