Acne And Skin Care

Being the outermost layer of our body, the skin is sensitive to pollutants, micro-organisms attacks and weather changes, as well as it protects our body tissues at the cost of its own health.

We have to always take daily care of the skin to prevent any skin ailments. To get more information about acne skin care visit

 acne skin care

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It is simple to look after normal skin. However, acne-infected skin requires special treatment as it becomes sensitive to cosmetics, and psychological factors such as stress. 

Cleansers or soaps with fairly heavy fragrance should be avoided as they can trigger an allergic reaction. In case you have acne, wash your face at least twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. 

In between, wash your face after any strenuous action which might make you perspire, such as exercise. Acne-infected skin should not be scrubbed as it will spread the disease to other areas of the epidermis. 

Rather, use an absorbent soft fabric that absorbs and traps the oil. The skin must be thoroughly rinsed with water after washing. Dermatologists also recommend acne patients to shampoo their hair frequently as oils in the hair spread into the face with ease.

If your skin is very oily, an alcohol-based astringent is ideal to wash the skin before washing before going to bed. Do not use an excessive amount of astringent as it may annoy the skin.