Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway

Basking under the sun in one of the Caribbean islands will give you a beautiful tan, but make sure that you don’t expose yourself to the sun too long, or else you will get a sunburn. 

Moderate sun exposure is advisable. To get a perfect skin glow, you can rub some extra virgin olive oil onto your skin, during and after sunbathing. You can also check online to get more information about concession yacht charters in Playa Del Carmen.

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1.Organize a Boat Party

Organizing a party in your chartered boat in the Caribbean is one of the best activities to do. There are no restrictions out on the sea, and you can enjoy partying under the stars with your friends or family. 

2.Discover the Local Cuisine 

Discover the local cuisine in the Caribbean, so walk around and explore local food you never know what foodie pit stop you could discover. It is advisable to hire a tour guide to lead you in local specialties.

3.Explore the Water World

Swimming is an excellent exercise and also a fantastic leisure activity. Or you can go snorkeling and bring an underwater camera to capture the beautiful marine life, do scuba diving or try some extreme water sports.

There are also some coastal activities you can appreciate during a yacht charter like exploring the surroundings of the marina. Many sailing destinations claim amazing cultural sites, so do not stay in your boat and marina look around, go sightseeing.