All About Preparing For Your Business Portrait

Your business portrait is often the first impression potential clients have of you and your company. Your business portrait should be professional, regardless of whether it is casual or formal.

Your signature portrait, just like your logo, will be part of your branding. It will link your newsletter, website, and business cards. You should make sure it looks professional.

The first step is to decide whether you want a studio portrait or a location portrait.

1. Studio portraits

If you are looking for a portrait that can be used for business cards or news releases, a studio portrait is the best choice. To make your pictures look professional, you must hire a portrait studio.

Studio Portrait

You should choose a neutral background that is as simple as you can. For example, mid-tones of blue, brown, or gray are good. Bold patterns can distract from the message.

2. Location portraits

You can also have your portrait taken at work. These portraits are great for expressing what you do and can be used in a newsletter, brochure, or website.

An example of a location portrait is one that shows an executive or author at work, or a construction worker using heavy equipment. You can also see musicians playing their instruments and doctors wearing lab coats.

Professional photographers are skilled at lighting you and posing you in the best possible way to look your best. Incorrect lighting can add 5-10 pounds, proper lighting can subtract 5-10 pounds. The poor and correct pose can also make a difference. This could mean a difference of up to 40 pounds in appearance. Digital enhancement/retouching is also possible for professional photographers.

A professionally prepared and executed business portrait is a great marketing tool.