Are There Any Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a type of salt that comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is considered to be one of the purest natural forms of salt available on the planet. The salt is extracted from waters that are extremely cold and confined to an area of less than 1 square mile. The water must be crystal clear and oxygen-free in order for this type of salt to be effectively used.

Pink Himalayan salt was discovered by accident by Lord Rama of Nepal while trying to cure an infection from diarrhea. Because he was looking for an alternative method to use for his food preparation he chose to add potassium from sodium chloride (salt) to his food. Because this mineral contains no other mineral content it was not considered salt and was instead considered a food seasoning. The discovery of the mineral was made after Rama realized the deficiency of minerals that had been present in his diet and realized that adding this mineral to his food could help him get rid of his infection.

Himalayan salt lamps are popular products that many people purchase and place in their homes as decorative elements or in their bathrooms because it emits light in an artificial way. This type of lampshades is produced from rock salts which can be purchased at a number of different retailers. They are generally made of mica and can vary in color depending on what the deposits in the rock have produced. Most pink Himalayan salt lamps contain approximately two thousand different minerals in their composition and are among the purest natural forms of salt that can be found on the planet.

Salt lamps are not only used for their aesthetic qualities but are also beneficial in more ways than one. Because they emit light in an artificial fashion, they help to enhance the mood of the user as well as helping to lower your blood pressure. Pink Himalayan salt lampshades can be used in your home or in your bathroom. Many manufacturers sell them with an adjustable temperature setting so that you can achieve the right level of light for your specific needs. By using a reduced amount of electricity these lamps are a much healthier alternative to standard incandescent lamps and do not produce any form of pollution. One of the trace minerals found in this salt is Boron, which is known as being a vital trace mineral for overall health.

Regular use of a pink Himalayan salt lamp will also improve the quality of your sleep. One of the minerals found in this natural form of a salt lamp is magnesium, which is renowned for improving your general health and sleeping. Regular use of these lamps will also cause your skin to become more elastic, stronger, and less dry and it will also stimulate collagen production in the body which helps to tighten up muscles and tendons. These benefits make the use of these lamps very worthwhile, particularly if you suffer from arthritis or similar conditions. In addition to magnesium, salt stones emitted by natural Himalayan crystals can also help improve joint and muscle mobility.

Many people have found that pink Himalayan salt works very well in detoxifying your system. This is because magnesium and potassium are extremely heavy ions and need to be dissolved in liquid form in order to be excreted from the body. They are then broken down by the bacteria in the intestines releasing waste products, which in turn is transported to the bladder and eliminated there. The potassium and magnesium in the salt cause a chemical reaction that causes the loss of waste products released in the urine, which in turn stimulates the immune system naturally and helps to strengthen the functioning of all the organs in the body including the kidneys and liver.

Although the benefits of Himalayan pink salt are numerous it is important to know that just like regular salt there are limitations to the intake. You should never exceed the recommended daily amount set by your physician or the recommended amounts established for your age group by the US government's National Health and Nutrition Association. Although there are no side effects associated with pink Himalayan salt, it is always better to consult your doctor before taking any new supplement. The best way to find out about any supplement is to read unbiased online reviews from those who have tried it. If you can't find any positive reviews you may want to visit the website of the company manufacturing the supplement and they will usually have testimonials on their site to prove that they really do produce a healthier product.

Since many people associate Himalayan pink salt with the benefits of good health, many people wonder how the salt benefits them. There are a number of different theories as to the health benefits of this pink Himalayan salt. Some people claim that salt does boost the immune system while others believe that the minerals in it are responsible for improving the eyesight and helping to reduce the risk of many diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Even though there has yet to be any scientific research regarding any of the many claims made about these health benefits, many people agree that the salt certainly tastes great and has some wonderful naturally occurring minerals in it.