Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Anxiety And Depression

There are many anxiety disorders such as panic attack disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. In today's world, so many people are suffering from these disorders.

Studies have shown that massage therapy can be beneficial for both trait and state anxiety. Even a single session may help to reduce symptoms of trait anxiety. A series of massage sessions have been shown to provide the greatest benefit and is especially helpful for those with trait anxiety disorders.

3 Reasons To Add Therapeutic Massage To Your Self-Care

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It is not clear how massage can help with anxiety and depression. Many years ago, massage was believed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. This led to an improvement in our lives. Recent research has revealed that massage doesn't reduce cortisol as we thought. We don't know how massage affects changes.

Although some hypotheses are supported by data, others remain unproven. The effects of specific substances on the nervous system, such as hormones and neurotransmitters are still being investigated. It is known that touch can be a biologically wired response.

Maybe it's the combination of focussed, caring attention, and tactile stimulation. Or maybe the muscle relaxation signals the brain shift to a calmer state. We don't need to know how this happens to be able to reap the benefits.

We will continue to learn and improve our understanding of massage therapy, which may lead us to be able to help anxiety and depression sufferers gain acceptance for massage therapy.

Depression and anxiety can lead to serious health problems. Massage therapy should not replace proper medical attention.