Brief Overview of Vinyl Roofing

If you consider new vinyl siding for your home, you will find you have a different brand and appearance to choose from. Some manufacturers boast they offer more than a hundred different color choices. 

One of them,  B.P. (Boonnampa) Roong Rueng Company offers different products, like fencing and decking, vinyl roof installation service (Also known as “ บริการติดตั้งหลังคาไวนิล “ in the Thai Language), and see your color and style choices at home. 

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There are two very popular types of siding, vinyl logs and shake vinyl siding. You will find vinyl logs come in 1/2 log style and are good enough. Vinyl logs and solid core are hung exactly like conventional siding.

Of course you don’t want to choose the product until you see it directly. You also want to talk to the installer. Make sure he is very familiar with the product you choose. 

Some manufacturers, such as certification installers certified that attend special training courses using their special products. When you meet the installer, you also want to get a reference list from them.

When you have a new siding installed the price is determined by cost per square foot. You can easily go online and find out how to measure and find out the square footage yourself so you can get a cost idea.