Can podiatry help improve your golf swing?

Golf is certainly a popular exercise, played by millions about the world. These people participate in it as competition to earn money, they get involved in it to improve their fitness and they also play golf for the interpersonal connections which happen across the activity. The only real disadvantage to golf is usually that eighteen holes is often physically demanding. Problems of the lower back and the feet can occur. The act of your golf swing may put a lot of twisting strain through the low back and the action of walking the 18 holes may put a great deal of stress on the feet. Usually these issues may be manageable and do nothing at all to reduce the fitness and health and social benefit for enjoying golf.

The case of the function of podiatry in golf had been dealt with in a recent episode of the podiatry live, PodChatLive. This was broadcast live on Facebook and it is currently additionally on YouTube as well as the audio version as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify. The show is hosted by Ian Griffiths from England, UK plus Craig Payne from Melbournein Australia and they normally have on a guest every week to discuss a theme. The week of the golf edition they had on no guest as one of the hosts, Ian is a bit of a golf tragic and he is very experienced with the sport and taking part in it as well as treating those that play golf who get foot and ankle concerns. They pointed out the actual physical demands that golf puts on the feet and also the ways that golfers is effective in reducing this. They described the importance of the shoes that golfers make use of and the way to correctly guide golfers with that. One of the most important part of the episode was the conversation around the quantity of pseudoscience that has crept into the sport of golf. For example the usage of the power bracelets and foot orthotics that enable you to hit the ball more.