Cashmere Shawls – Step Out in Style and Comfort!

Since cashmere goat, from which the material is derived, originated in the Far East, it did not become popular in Europe until Napoleon introduced a large item of clothing into fashion. They are still a specialty in countries like India and Tibet, but mass production has brought them to stores around the world.

Most people know that cashmere shawls is so soft and beautiful. They also know it can be expensive. What most people don't know is how timeless, warm, and durable the fabric is! Oftentimes, when you talk about cashmere noses, people miss very old and dirty outerwear. Today they have become very popular and fashionable. The material is light and covers beautifully. This makes it a great choice no matter how cold the weather. Ponchos are also very forgiving when worn properly and can look great whether you are childish or tall.

White Jali Embroidery Pashmina Cashmere Shawl

Since they are very popular and have been in the market for years, you can find one that is not as expensive as you think. Antique stores and thrift stores are great sources for finding items that fit your budget. When buying used cashmere, pay close attention to labels and wear. Cashmere lasts a long time with the right care but is nearly impossible to repair once you've done the damage. Make sure the label says it's 100% cashmere, or even cashmere is its richer cousin, pashmina. Look for stains. They usually need to be dry cleaned or hand washed and stains are often very difficult to remove. Check the edges carefully. If you find that the edges are cracked or rough, you may be better off investing in a new item.