Do I Need A Humidity Dome For Clones?

Using a humidity dome will greatly increase the changes to your surviving plants as long as they have a chance to take root. Marijuana's new branches have no established roots and rely on moisture in the air to keep water uptake.

Depending on the environment in which you are growing, natural humidity can be anywhere from 25 to 40%. This humidity is too low for cannabis clones to maintain their water levels, causing the leaves to wilt.

Clones that are left in low humidity environments continue to wither and eventually die in the absence of water. You can opt for clones for sale in San Bernardino at Mendo Bros.

Using a humidity dome allows you to retain moisture in closed areas and achieve the 70-100% humidity desired for a cannabis clone. By maintaining adequate moisture levels, you can keep clones alive and well when they start to form their first roots.

While the humidity dome itself may not be necessary, it is important to keep the humidity levels up.

If you decide to use a humidity vault for your cannabis branches, you should remove the dome periodically to allow fresh air to enter. If you skip this step, you will encourage mold growth and may cause shortness of breath in your plants.

This increases their chances of survival and allows them to stay alive with less humidity. We also talk about what happens when your humidity gets too high and tricks on how to use a humidity dome to help your clones take root faster.