Dyslexia Symptoms In Children – What Every Parent Should Know

Dyslexia is a condition that can be attributed to genetic factors. However, symptoms can be easily identified if you know what to look for. Although it is difficult to get your child to live with dyslexia, there are a few easy steps you can take. 

You might consider hiring a tutor if your child is showing any symptoms related to basic activities such as reading and learning speech. You can even find various resources for parents like dyslexiachampion.com/f/resources-available-if-you-have-dyslexia to know more about the symptoms of dyslexia to cure it easily.

Learning of speech is delayed

A child with dyslexia may not be able to learn to speak at the same pace as the rest of us. A normal child can speak their first words at the age of one, but a dyslexic child may take a few more years to learn how to speak. This can be a sign that you may have dyslexia.

Mixing up the syllables of speech

Some multisyllabic English words can be difficult to understand and pronounce for dyslexics. These words include the words helicopter, hamburger, and animal. These words are often confused by dyslexic children who pronounce aminal instead of an animal, or any other variation thereof.

It is difficult to understand rhymes

Sometimes a dyslexic child cannot recognize the rhymes between words or letters. This is because they have a poor ability to read words and letters. At four years old, a dyslexic child might not know what rhymes with seat or cat.

Pronouncing words and reading them with difficulty

Dyslexic children often find reading difficult, even when they are only 7 or 8. By age 8, a child should be capable of reading a wide range of books. They might pronounce the same words as words they know or may not recognize words correctly.