Everything You Need To Know About Leather Portfolios

Leather is the ideal material for those who want to carry items or gifts with a classy style and appearance. Leather portfolios are typically made to hold loose papers, as well as notepads. There are a variety of basic versions that can be used to accommodate different types of pads, such as the legal or memo pad.

You can personalize your leather-bound portfolio with embossed names or phrases. The embossing process can be accomplished by using either gold or silver embossing either in a single or double lime design. Leather folders are a stylish, durable way to display ideas, work, or simply store notes. They are perfect for those who require a bound form of presentation.

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Typically there are three most popular leather products, namely split leather, hide leather, and tan leather, which is utilized to make stunning leather portfolios. Split leather refers to a kind of leather processed with an elegant finish. The finishing process is designed to create a smooth, shiny, and durable appearance. The most commonly used color for portfolios made of divided leather is dark black.

Hide leather is constructed out of leather in its entirety and is designed to last longer. They are generally more pliable as compared to split-leaf. It has a fine and tactile matte finish that may vary because the majority of portfolio makers prefer to use separate leather pieces to make each portfolio.

Tan leather is similar to hide and split leather. It is available in a soft, rich tan finish that has the same specifications as other leather portfolios.