Find a Commercial Kitchen For Your Business

To work legally as a caterer, you must also have a cook and licensed commercial catering kitchen that offers suitable working conditions and large-scale equipment. If you don't have access to a commercial kitchen, there are several ways to find a suitable space. 

Commercial kitchen for general use

This market segment is relatively new and small, but it is growing. There are dozens of commercial kitchens for general use. Some are run as nonprofits. This kitchen is leased to catering companies and small food producers who do not have their own kitchens. The people who run the kitchens have licenses and permits with local authorities and pay for insurance on-site.  You can also look for the commercial kitchen share via

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Commercial kitchen that is not used adequately

Many churches and community centers have commercial kitchens and are willing to rent them for local contractors. You can use these kitchens for food production.

Catering kitchen

It has never been heard of catering with its own commercial kitchen to rent out time to other small restaurants. If you need a kitchen when catering is busy, you may be out of luck.

Kitchen restaurant

This is not an ideal choice, as restaurant kitchens are usually quite busy for many hours of the day. However, if you can find a restaurant that closes during the day and only serves dinner, you may be able to work in the kitchen in the morning before the chef comes in to prepare dinner.