Food Safety Courses In Your Area

Food safety courses focus on the safe handling, preparation, handling, and serving of food. Some courses, such as food safe Level 1, are required for many people in the hospitality industry. People of all ages who handle, prepare, and/or serve food are encouraged to take food safety courses.

The Foodsafe Program is a comprehensive food safety training program for the food industry. For more information about food safety course online, you can visit

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Food safe Level 1 is a food processing, hygiene, and safety course aimed at workers who primarily serve food, such as cooks, waiters, bus drivers, dishwashers, and workers. This course includes important information on food safety and occupational safety about foodborne illness, food preparation, and storage, food preparation, food presentation, cleaning, and disinfection.

According to the Food Ordinance, every food business operator and, in their absence, at least one employee must hold a food-safe Level 1 certificate or an equivalent food-safe Level 1 certificate.

Food safe Level 2 is intended for food service owners and managers, kitchen managers, chefs, and others responsible for managing food safety in the food industry. 

Food Safety Care is a self-guided short course on how to prepare and handle food safely. Offered free of charge by the Ministry of Health, it is designed to increase public awareness of public health by preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses.

Food safety precautions are for anyone who buys, prepares, processes, or serves food to their family and friends, as well as those in a workplace that does not have mandatory food safety training requirements.