How Do You Clean Graffiti From A Cedar Picket Fence?

There is graffiti all over the United States destroying billions of dollars every year. It's almost impossible to stop them, but you can stop their efforts by removing the graffiti as soon as possible.

But what happens if an intruder attacks a surface that is difficult to clean, such as a wooden fence made of cedar? Cleaning wood with graffiti is very difficult and complicated.

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You can find valuable information on online deck cleaning and maintenance sites, with a few tips on how to remove, discolor and condition wood. And if you are looking for Wolman products and other companies, you can find very good information.

One of the hardest things to do is paint or paint tree grains. However, if the coating is tough, you can use the 45 degree tip to wash it off at 1500 psi then roll it back up.

Wow, we've gotten rid of a lot of graffiti over the years since I retired from the deck cleaning area, and we've seen markers come and go in different parts of the country.

Today is a real problem. The trick is to take them off as soon as you go to bed and fall asleep at 4-5 in the morning. So you take it off at 7-8 a.m. and no one sees it.

By the way, if the pressure washer doesn't do the job of vandalism, sanding the cedar to remove streaks will of course do the trick, but it's a last resort because you don't want to mix wood grain.