How Much Do You Know About Capsules?

Many people use capsules for a variety of reasons, some for medicinal purposes and others for nutritional purposes. What is your purpose for eating it? There are a few things about them that you need to know.

The following pill manufacturing guidelines have been suggested by the Chamber of Commerce. You can look for encapsulator suppliers online at

  • To cover up the bitter taste and odor of the contents
  • Increased bioavailability
  • To aid dispersion in the gastrointestinal fluid
  • To improve photosensitivity and content stability
  • Can compensate for the reduction of other active ingredients
  • It has a color coded cup that is used to print it
  • Not suitable for aqueous solutions, dilute alcohol solutions or highly hygroscopic drugs.

Available in three types: gelatin, halal and vegetable.

There are many methods of filling capsules. This introduction applies only to hard capsules. 

By filling capsules manually

The lid and body are separated for filling. This application is intended for small businesses, pharmacies and also the domestic market.

Equipment design for attached lids

This machine is designed for mass production and has certain requirements related to the life of the capsule filling machine.

Making Capsules by Semi-Auto Capsule Filling Machine

The machine is for joined capsules.

Automatic capsule production

This system is suitable for large companies. There are requirements with regard to the efficiency and life of the capsule filling machine.