How To Choose The Best Hair Shampoo Base

There are many hair shampoos on the market today, with various types and many claims. We can choose the basic ingredients of shampoo base according to its use, whether to fight dandruff, reduce oil on the scalp or treat hair loss.

Choosing the wrong shampoo base can cause hair loss. Different manufacturers have their own formula. Some are satisfied with the feeling of freshness after using the shampoo, while others may experience more hair loss after using the same cleansing base.

Here are some tips for choosing a hair shampoo base:

1. We can wash our hair with a mild shampoo every day to keep our scalp clean and free from irritation. Natural shampoo is recommended. This is much better in the long run than washing your hair with a strong anti-dandruff shampoo base every two to three days.

2. Anti-dandruff shampoo can cause dry scalp with long-term use, causing dry skin to fall out like white particles. Keep in mind that some natural shampoos also have strong extracts. The manufacturer usually tells us if the shampoo base is mild enough for daily use.

3. Shampoo ads can be confusing. Cheap and expensive shampoos can be claimed with almost the same benefits. Pay attention to the ingredients in the shampoo base container. Extracts and essences have a big difference. Extracts are made from natural sources with active ingredients. They are more expensive and we can expect good results from natural extracts.