How To Clean Fluid Stain On Your Carpet

Having spill marks on your lovely carpet is a horror dream, especially if it takes you three hours to complete carpet cleaning. Liquids such as tea, juice, coffee, and alcohol are some of the few offenders who are endangered to destroy the carpet washing dignity. You can hire a cleaner from carpet cleaning in Dallas for different types of home spa services.

How To Clean  Different Fluid Stain On Your Carpet


Juice stains are a normal occurrence if there are children in the home. The best way to clean the stain will be by first abolishing the place of stains. Dab the stain with warm water and then abolish it away. 

If the stain persists, try the solution of carpet shampoo with warm water. Spray the solution and continue blotting until the stain is removed.


Alcohol can leave nasty stains if not treated quickly. Mix some light soap, such as dishwashing fluid and warm water. Stain with a solution. Mix one cup of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. 

Spray the stain with a mixture of both alcohol and continue blotting. This solution will take care of the smell. Apply a third blotting with cold water. Continue to wipe with a clean towel and then let it dry.