How To Conduct an SEO Audit, Technical Audit and Optimize Internal Links

Before you start your SEO strategy make sure your website is free of any technical issues and optimized for search engines! Your on page seo audit  helps search engines determine your authority and relevance to search terms and your ranking.

The Technical Audit examines your site for any technical problems that may affect your user experience, and search engine ranking! Internal link optimization helps examine the linking structure of your site, anchor text, and image links for any errors and opportunities to optimize.

Start off with a technical audit of your site to identify any technical issues that might affect website performance and ranking. The Technical Audit looks at aspects of your site that are important, and identifies where errors occur, including:

  • Visitors to your sites and crawlers don't have the patience for slow site speed. The faster the better!
  • Search engines view links, anchors, and images as factors of website quality.
  • Errors in coding can cause slow response time and server issues which affects your overall quality.

Website SEO Analysis

Once all technical issues are addressed proceed to do an SEO Audit of your website:

  • Examine on-site issues that are relevant to search engine robots, website quality, and rankings.
  • Create a Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt file for your site and tell search engines how to navigate and index your content.
  • A temporary redirect, where an old URL is redirected to a new one, is confusing for search engines if you must redirect traffic to a new site with a permanent 301 redirect.