Is Early Education Really Helpful?

Early education is based on the concept that the brain is about 80% developed by the age of five. Therefore, from the age of 0 to 5 years, the brain absorbs any information presented to it as magic, making learning easy. Proper brain stimulation during this period is essential for the overall development of the child. If you are finding a school for early years education in Amsterdam & Holland, then visit Amity School.

Several studies and real-time experiences of parents who taught their children from an early age confirm the following:

1) Educating children from an early age greatly improves their memory and concentration.

2) When children are taught mathematical concepts from an early age, they can perform calculations relatively easier than others.

3) When a child under the age of 5 learns many spoken languages, he ends up learning everything easily and quickly.

4) Children who are accustomed to reading from an early age begin to read earlier than others.

5) Early education exposes children to various things and concepts around them. So they must be much smarter than the other kids.

6) These children are very logical and wise and have great thinking abilities.

7) With such a thorough development, their learning becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

While it makes sense to teach children from an early age, it's very important that you don't force anything on them. Experts say that early education in any form or type should always be done in a fun way in a pleasant atmosphere.

It is important that children enjoy hearing and seeing the material presented. It's important not to focus on results or achievements but see them as a way to connect with children and teach hopelessly.