IT Support for Small Businesses

Building a small business is hard work. In the initial period of most small businesses, one or two people are trying to do everything until the business grows enough to diversify functions and hire assistance. While you are trying to develop products and/or services, you are also trying to build infrastructure to support the business functions.

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Chances are, if you are the kind of person who is focusing on product or service development, you probably are not the person with the breadth of technical information to build your own infrastructure.

Our experience working with small businesses is that the creative folks who design the products and services and actually manage the business don't know a great deal about computer technology, particularly new technologies. Many of these people don't even want to know how or why a system works. All they want to know is that this system and this application will help them accomplish their business goals and what they must do to make it work.

When a fledgling business moves from an idea to a real product or a real service and begins to work with customers who want that product or service, technology becomes essential. In today's markets, it is difficult to be in business without a website and internet commerce applications. These, in turn, require management and maintenance, as well as security. As the business continues to grow, it becomes necessary to manage bookkeeping, customer service, inventory, and staff. This, in turn, requires more technology.