Know About Seed Cloning

Marijuana seeds can be cloned immediately.  There are many cloning options and various devices that you can use for a few or hundreds of dollars.

My grandmother's method is worth a hundred unless you count the cost of a sharp knife or glass; On the other side of the spectrum, you can see clone systems that include heat mats, temperature and humidity control, and even a standalone mini-hydroponics unit that costs hundreds of dollars for operators.

You can use minimal cost method and most devices that can be used repeatedly. One will be explained to you based on compliance and simple usage. You can buy marijuana clones at the Mendo Bros store online.

The nutrient solution is as important as the strength of their fertilizer in producing marijuana clones. However, it turns out that many people have not learned important information. Make sure you have a pH tester and correction in your garden!

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Your equipment must be clean and sterile. If not, spray the device after washing with a mixture of one part household bleach and four parts tap water then rinse with water.

The first step is to prepare the mother for the process. It is important to ensure that the parent plant is healthy, at a vegetative stage of life and that its nitrogen content is low.

Ensure this by holding fertilizer with something five or six days before the procedure and spraying the leaves with clear water the day before. If you don't fertilize plants, reduce the number of nutrients stored in the leaves.

When you spray it with water, you immediately release the available nitrogen. If the branch has excess nitrogen in the leaves, it will use its energy to continue growing vegetation rather than developing roots.