Reasons For Conducting Mobile Automation Testing

Testing mobile apps hold greater importance since the challenges are immense in introducing highly competitive, easily operable, and profitable mobile applications with robust functional credentials and multi-platform dexterity. There are some companies like that provide the best automation testing services in Austria.

Mobile app performance testing is more complicated than testing conventional web or desktop applications, as there are more than thirty thousand unique devices available in the market. Device fragmentation is greater for Android-based devices than for any other that are based on Windows or iOS. Previously, testing mobile apps used to be an afterthought by application developers. 

And for the testing teams, the mere passing of functional tests would have been enough to launch a mobile application. However, in the present market scenario where market readiness and cost are the two critical parameters, mobile automation testing has become imperative.

Let us find out why mobile testing is inevitable to ensure a greater performance of mobile apps:

Error rates are higher than it seems: Users generally struggle with challenges like content feeds creating blank holes, images not loading, freezing, unsuccessful uploads, and so on. Most of these challenges do not relate to any errors in the apps but are caused by poor networks. The error rates are variable and highly dependent on network conditions. 

Speed always wins the heart of the users: Users expect the apps to load in the blink of an eye. This has been proven right by the SEO reports from Google for a long time and led to the theory of speed playing a critical parameter in page ranking. 

Mobile app performance testing to calculate frame rendering time: Only calculating the network time would not help in ensuring the smooth performance of mobile apps. This is because the users also expect the apps to respond seamlessly even after the network resumes.