Rules You Need To Know About Dogs Parks

You need to collect as much information on Dog park rules as you can.  This will help you plan your adventure. You might want to visit the New York City Parks, California State Parks, or any other nearby dog park. In fact, you make a quick search for ‘puppy park near me’ online, but there are some rules that you need to follow.

These are as follows:

1) All dogs must have a valid license and be vaccinated. Bring proof of your current license and vaccinations. Most parks prohibit the admission of puppies younger than 4 months old, as they have not received all the vaccines.

2) Only dogs that are healthy can be accepted. Do not allow your dog to go to the park if he or she is suffering from kennel cough or fleas, mange, or any other health issue.

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3) Cleanly bag up any dog waste left behind by your pet. If they do not comply, they could be subject to a fine and even banned from the parks. You can prepare by having your own dog waste bags, or even better, using the supplies in your dog bag. 

4) Don't take too many dogs. Many dog parks have placed restrictions on the number of dogs allowed in each park. You can manage the amount you have.

5) Follow all regulations in cities, counties, and state parks. Typically, you will find 2 areas allocated in parks:

  •  Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times – leashes should not exceed 6 feet.
  •  Specified off-leash zones – just like most dog parks.