The Elegance Of The Wedding Ring

You have been meeting the man of your dreams for a long time. They may or may not stay together as a couple, everyone has their relationship issues. When you don't live together, the sense of loneliness that creeps into your heart every time your partner leaves you after a lovely day well spent motivates you to do more.

Whatever motivated you to finally take the first step towards the most crucial commitment in your life may not matter, but the symbol you should include in this step is significant – the "engagement ring".

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These days, buying an engagement ring has become the status quo to identify yourself as someone married and ready to get married, but have you ever played with a Rock or band in your hands and contemplated their history? It is therefore not mentioned in the Bible, or in the oldest documents which provide a detailed description of the practice of premarital affairs in that period.

The famous engagement ring of today did not always represent enduring love; rather, it was more or less the first installment of the bride's price to be paid to her family, which she then presented and wore.

Advertisements on engagement rings in the mid-19th century suggested that men should spend at least 2 months of their monthly income buying the perfect ring for their precious bride and simply advertising the definition and style of engagement.