Tips on How to Publish a Book for Free

The short answer to the question "How do you publish a book for free?" is self-publishing. There are several platforms out there that allow you to do just that. They make money by taking commissions when you make a sale. But until that happens, money doesn't change hands. Here are some tips for publishing a book you just wrote. You can consider the high-tech online book issue  services to publish your books.

1. Customize your book

Traditional publishers have a process they follow before publishing a book. Part of this process includes proofreading to reduce the number of spelling and other errors that appear in almost every manuscript.

2. Create your own cover 

Don't just take some pictures from Google as many of them are copyrighted and even those that Google claims are commercially available to have limitations like going back to the original creator, which is hard to do in a retail store like Amazon.

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3. Write a good description

While we really judge a book by its cover, we will next read, or at least downgrade its description. Traditional publishers will spend time and money on this. This is part of the pre-sale process. Outline the plot or topic of your book.

4. Take advantage of the free publisher

Even though Amazon is the world's largest independent publisher, it's not the only one in existence. If you don't sign up for their Select program, you can publish your book electronically and with other retailers.

5. Go to print

It's not just e-publishers that let you publish books for free. Some publishers do not charge for on-demand printing, such as Create Space if you publish your book with them. Instead, you get your ISBN number for free and usually limited distribution but still useful for your newly published book without spending a dime.