Care of the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

When growing a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree indoors, it is important to keep the tree well-watered and fertilized. The tree should also be kept in a warm, sunny location. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees can be pruned and shaped to fit in any space, so long as they are given enough light. There are certain varieties of Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees that grow very large in a small indoor space, such as the Tree of Life. You can buy different types of Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree at

For these types of trees, it is best to give them their own indoor spot where they can grow most optimally.Growing a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree outdoorsThe Fiddle Leaf Fig tree grows quickly, and develops rather rapidly when grown outdoors. It will take about 5 years for a young tree to develop into a fully grown shape, but it is possible to see results in as little as three years. 

The tree starts out growing slowly at first, then speeds up and gets much more robust after around its third year.In order to maximize the growth rate of your tree outdoors, ensure that you have plenty of sun , tree lit, and well-drained soil. Use a basic fertilizer and plant the tree in full sunlight without any trees nearby, as this will encourage the plant to grow quickly. 

In order to avoid root rot, make sure you are using a pot with adequate drainage holes and ensure that you water adequately. Apply some mulch around your tree once it has developed properly and after about three years, you can transplant it into an outdoor garden.