How Medication Therapy Management Sessions Help Patients

Medication therapy management (MTM) is a range of services offered by pharmacists to help improve your health. A session usually includes MTM sitting with your pharmacist to review your medications in depth.

These sessions usually last for 40-60 minutes. The Medication management app can help anyone to remember these sessions' schedules on time. 

medication therapy management

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There are five steps to a full session MTM:

1. Medication therapy review (MTR)

2. Medical personnel file

3. Action plan related to drugs

4. Intervention and/or orientation

5. Documentation and monitoring.

Medication therapy management provides a thorough assessment of your medication. Therapeutic drug management could also evaluate your drug treatments as needed.

Pharmacists review all your medications to all prescribers and over the counter supplement and herbal products. Pharmacists discuss and solve drug problems you may encounter.

Pharmacists determine if drugs used incorrectly, or duplicating types of drugs, unnecessary medications, and additional medications that are needed for untreated health conditions or badly treated. The pharmacists look through your immunization records to determine if you need any immunizations at this time.

Pharmacists provide medication education in depth in addition to providing advice for you, your family, or caregivers. There are many advantages of these follow-ups with the pharmacists and empowers you to know the goals of your medication therapy.