Uses And Types Of Alloys

Alloys are a combination of a metal with another metal or element to ensure that the base metal is stronger and more durable by electrolytic or molten deposits. 

Some of the metals used for making alloys are zinc, chromium, nickel, tin, silver and copper. The various components used in making alloys are carbon, sulfur, boron, or zinc. You can buy high performance alloy materials from the companies such as

The alloys are classified according metals or non-metals used in their manufacture, such as:

• Stainless steel: It contains 50% iron and 10.5% chromium. The steel can reflect light falling on it, hence the brightness. Chromium gives steel the necessary strength. 

They are used in the manufacture of utensils, manufacturing instruments for surgery, bars re-application support in masonry work, drums in washing machines, ships or tankers for chemicals.

• Brass Alloy: This article is formed by the combination of zinc and copper. The different levels of zinc alloy give different colors. 

It is used for articles of manufacture that face extreme environmental conditions such as pipes, tubes or trim parts used in architecture; musical instruments using the wind as Trombones, tubas, saxophones, euphonium or horns; decorative, cutlery, containers, heat exchangers and radiators.

• Sterling silver alloy: This alloy contains the money of 92.5% with 7.5% copper. The copper may be replaced by platinum, or zinc. Silver is soft and easily scratched. 

The additive gives the necessary strength. Sterling silver is used in the manufacture of jewelry, tableware, knives, forks, spoons, trays or tea sets that are used to show the case of the class of the person.