Ways To Limit The Risk Of Pesticides Exposure

I read earlier that washing fruits and vegetables in water do not completely eliminate pesticide residues. This makes sense because pesticides are designed to be attached to plants; otherwise, the first heavy rain will eradicate the expensive killers from plants.

How can you effectively eliminate pesticide residues?

Method 1: Vinegar – Soak vegetables in a 10% white vinegar solution and 90% water for 15 minutes. Then rinse it with clean water.

You can also check global MRL database pesticides at https://www.bryantchristie.com/BCGlobal-Subscriptions/Pesticide-MRLs

Method 2: Spraying – Add a solution of 15 ml of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and about 200 ml of water. Stir until the baking powder dissolves, then pour the solution into a spray bottle. Just spray on fruits and vegetables and let them rest for about ten minutes. Then rinse.

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There are also several washing solutions available on supermarket shelves, but like all the others on supermarket shelves, they are handled with care. The solution can be as bad as the risk of pesticides.

• Tree bark

Peeling vegetables and fruits is safer than washing. Buy organic apples or peeled apples that you buy at the supermarket.

Apples are the worst, sometimes sprayed with 8 different pesticides and sprayed continuously throughout the growing season. Minimize and reduce the risk of pesticides which are safer than sad.

• Beware of imports

Trade with countries such as China and India has increased, making us vulnerable to pesticides. Guidelines and regulations for the use of pesticides may not be as controlled as in the European Union.

There may not be provisions in some places. Garlic from China recently raised an alarm when it was discovered that there was a very high pesticide residue.

• Allow yourself to be raised

There is a list of fruits and vegetables called Dirty Dozen, which lists 12 which contain various types of pesticides. You should definitely try making these 12 organically.