Choosing The Right Wine Tote For The Job

The amount of wine is available in many designs, from simple to elegant and in many price ranges. There are several considerations when seeking total guilt.

Important Points For wine

Bottle size

Think about the size of the bottle you need to transport your wine. Champagne and various wines are available in bottles which can be wider and taller than an average 750 ml wine bottle.

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Some wine tones like soft neoprene; and some tote, like leather straps, are persistent. The skin may be more susceptible to scratches or dirt, whereas canvas or nylon is more durable and can be washed. However, the solid size can provide more protection.


Small grapes may or may not be isolated. Think about whether you want to travel far with wine or take wine outdoors, for example when hiking or picnicking. In this case, you might prefer an isolated wine bag.


Wine bottles are available in a variety of types ranging from simple and useful carriers to very elegant bottle holders.

Elegant wine tones including hard leather bags. This sleeve is designed for 1 to 4 bottles of wine and is available in a variety of leather coatings such as black, brown, brown and natural. Some traveling wine boxes offer space for bottles, wine glasses and bottle openers.