Teeth Whitening Treatment for Sensitive Teeth in Los Angeles

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. It’s quick and easy, and it can completely change your smile, making you look years younger.

In addition to removing surface discoloration that makes teeth appear yellow, special teeth whiteners can penetrate tooth enamel to lighten deep stains that commercial systems cannot remove.

Whether you are looking for a subtle or a little more defined result, your dentist can tailor your treatment to achieve the results you want. Also, you can get the best teeth cleaning in Los Angeles via https://uniondentalcenter.co/services/preventive-dentistry/.

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While there are many over-the-counter whitening products out there, we recommend that you see a dentist because the products sold on the street contain small amounts of the active ingredient and so may not produce the well-known effects. There may also be reasons why teeth whitening isn’t right for you that only a dentist can determine.

If you want white teeth but are afraid of sensitive pain, you need to learn a new and best way to whiten your teeth and not suffer from sensitivity.

Treatment usually consists of applying a hydrogen peroxide solution. If you opt for home treatment, the product contains a very low dose for gradual results, while the office treatment offers a stronger solution for better results in a maximum of 2 sessions.

As a rule, you need to use a special guard to protect your gums. The concentrated peroxide gel is then applied directly to your teeth. This gel is activated by heat or light. The treatment takes about an hour.
People with sensitive teeth are more likely to experience the side effects of teeth whitening.