The Changing Styles Of Food Photography

Our eating habits have changed throughout the years, and nowhere more clearly is this evident as evident in the food photographs. The increasing popularity of organic and real food and the emphasis on healthy eating over the past 10 years has brought about a dramatic shift in the way food is represented in photography.

There is no longer a need to be satisfied with a platter of beautiful, vibrantly culturally-inspired food, neatly placed on tables. Food photographers strive to capture the changing tastes of our society by keeping it authentic or, in other words, messy is the new norm. 

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Imagine a slice of chocolate cake with icing that drips from the sides or a delicious steak served with pepper sauce splashed haphazardly over the dish. Nowadays, this is how we want our food displayed. This messy style of food photography is the preferred style of those in the food industry.

If you go through a book on cooking or visit some recipes, then odds are that you'll be more likely to come across this contemporary way of photographing food, and it's not only about messiness. 

Food photographers tend to make use of natural light rather than artificial studio lights , and they use less props to keep the photo appearing clean, simple and focusing on the food. Food photographers also tend to employ different effects, such as extreme close-ups or unusual angles to make food look more appealing visually.