Things To Know About Flower Photography Equipment

Photographing flowers outdoors is more fun than work. Many outdoor photographers enjoy the tranquility of parks and national heritage sites.

Outdoor day shoots require greenery backdrops items like patterned backdrop flower backdrop green background g-030, especially if you are using a digital SLR. My Nikon D40 is currently my favorite digital SLR, and it was only P21, 000.00. It would be a smart idea to buy a few lenses if you are interested in flower photography.

A 50mm prime lens at f/1.8 is the most affordable lens that produces great results. This lens is often called the "nifty fifty" by photographers because it produces clear images for less than $100.

A macro lens is a great option if you have some extra money. My favorite lens is an old inheritance, a Micro Nikon Auto F/3.5 macro lens that I have seen everywhere on the Internet. If the previous owner decides to sell, you might be able to get one.

To capture versatile shots, you will need either a monopod or a mini tripod. Mini tripods are quite versatile and can be found in most malls for as low as P400.00. However, I recommend investing in more durable tripods like the GorrilaPod mini which retails for around a thousand dollars.

Shooting flowers outside can be therapeutic and rewarding, thanks to the variety of backdrops available as well as the basic features of Articles photography.