Tips on How to Drink Water from a Copper Vessel Correctly and Safely

The shape, design, and material of the copper jar play a role in health benefits. If you store water in a copper container for at least 8 hours, the copper ions will dissolve in the water.

1) The first factor that can negatively affect your health is the quality of copper used in the vessels. Make sure the brand you choose has links between the Ayurvedic community and is a seller of authentic Ayurvedic copper. When in doubt, ask before buying. You can buy a copper water bottle online from any good website.

2) Before using the newly purchased copper container, rinse thoroughly with a natural acid solution such as lemon and water.

3) Before the first consumption, fill the container or bottle with water for approximately 6-8 hours to carry out the oligodynamic process.

4) The best way to use this traditional practice is to fill an Ayurvedic copper vessel with water at night, leave it beside your bed so the water can fully ionize, and then drink the water the next morning.

5) Despite the many benefits, there is no need to drink water from a copper vessel all day long. Just twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you have a copper water bottle, you can carry it with you throughout the day and refill it regularly. It is harmless and the copper bottle will keep your water fresh and bacteria-free.