Waxing In Hong Kong -Tips And Tricks For A Hair Free Body

Waxing is a very popular and inexpensive way to rid the body of unwanted hair. Waxing can be done from home or at the salon. If you are using a wax mask at home or visiting a salon for wax in Hong Kong, here are some tips to help you lighten it up and get better results.

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• Minimum hair length of 30 cm. If you don't wait for the length to be reached.

• Don't be afraid to ask questions.

• Test a small area of skin first to make sure there is no allergic reaction to wax mask removal of pubic hair.

• Avoid washing and moisturizing your hair before waxing. Hair absorbs water, which makes it soft and rarely adheres well to wax. Hard hair falls off more easily.

• Wash the skin well and dry it first to remove any lotions or oils that can prevent the wax from sticking firmly to the skin.

• Avoid driving with alcohol and caffeinated drinks or other stimulants a few hours before the session, as this will make your skin much more sensitive. These products decrease the body's pain tolerance by increasing blood flow and nerve activity.

• Avoid wearing tight clothing over the freshly cut area to minimize the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs.

• Stay Calm and Breathe – If you think holding your breath will relieve pain, you are wrong! Keep breathing! Take a deep breath as you apply the wax, then exhale slowly as you tear the wax.

• Red bumps of ingrown hair may appear soon after the session. This really helps by exfoliating the skin. They are less likely to occur after repeated waxing sessions.