What about pizza bases?

There is a range of different types of pizza bases ranging from thin and crispy, to thick and puffy. Maximum people fan of the thin and crispy as they don't like to full upon the base.

You can buy pre-made pizza bases from most major supermarkets, but I wouldn't recommend it. They are normally too thick, and tasteless.

The real reward comes from making your own. You can make it by hand, just make sure you have some yeast, you can also use a bread maker.  It does take a while to make bases, as the yeast has to rise in the dough. If you love to eat gourmet pizza then you can order it online from Enzo’s Pizzeria.

How to cook your pizza?

There are some accessories you can buy to make your cooking experience even better. The majority of people like it as a cooking stone (or pizza brick), which is basically a flat stone manufactured specifically for cooking pizza.

As the stone holds heat well it makes fantastic bases. If you are just cooking your pizza on a cooking tray, I recommend cooking the base for a short time before adding ingredients, otherwise, there can be disasters where your ingredients are cooked, and your base is still doughy and uncooked.

Other tips?

Firstly, as with any great cooking, fresh ingredients or using the correct ingredients are crucial. Sure you can make a great pizza out of leftovers in the fridge, but you can make an outstanding pizza worthy of any high street restaurant out of the best ingredients.