What Is Aqua Detox Treatment?

Aqua Detox is a relaxing treatment that activates the body's natural detoxification process and re-balances the energy channels within the body to ensure optimal health, energy and overall health. 

This process operates at a cellular level to restore the positive and negative intracellular ions distribution. If the cell is in balance and functioning properly, it can release toxic waste and toxins from the body through the pores on our feet.

The research has proven that the advantages of getting aqua detox treatment have improved vitality and as well as, efficiency/energy in absorbing nutrients, and a greater feeling of wellbeing.

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The benefits of Aqua Detox:

Peace of mind – A body cleanse is beneficial not just for the physical body but also the mind too. A feeling of mental purity is experienced when you feel that your body is free of toxins. Your body will generally feel more supple.

Living longer – One of the main advantages of a detoxification process is the positive effect it can have on the process of aging. In removing the toxic substances and "junks" inside the body, you're lessening the burden for the detoxification system in the body. 

In a detox diet it helps the body to eliminate toxic substances and at the same time, drastically reduces the amount of toxins in the body. The less stress the body's detoxification process will increase the lifespan of organs, such as kidneys, the liver, and bowels. This can increase the number of years you live and , at the same time, give you the chance to live more health and a longer life.