What Is Burkini ? The Modest Swimwear Everyone Wants To Know About

Burkini is a two-piece swimsuit with a headdress worn by Muslim women for swimming. The term is a combination of Burqa Bikini. This dress that covers the whole body makes it a favorite for Muslim women who want to maintain modesty while actively exercising.

Traditionally, Muslim women wear loose-fitting dresses that cover them from head to toe; usually large,  and in addition to this ahead covering is also worn.  For more information about the Islamic swimsuits for ladies, you can click here now.

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A burkini made of swimsuit fabric looks like a wetsuit with a head covering and covers the body from head to toe. Burkini was born out of a designer's disappointment in finding simple sportswear to fit her nephew who wanted to play netball in Australia. He first invented the hood, an elastic headgear that fits around the neck and head. 

This gives a lot of freedom of movement during sports and other activities. The designer then created the burkini, a two-piece swimsuit that became a savior for Muslim women who refused to wear the usual outdoor swimwear on the market designed for a more liberal Western culture.

Its designs have given many Muslim women the freedom to engage and participate in sports and activities without compromising their modesty or faith.

Apart from Muslims, people from other walks of life such as women with physical problems who want to wear less revealing clothes but like to swim, and those from other religions and regions who dress modestly consider the burkini a blessing.