What is Facial Plastic Surgery?

A part of the goal is Facial plastic surgery is to restore the facial integrity of a damaged or traumatized face. Facial strain can cause mental distress beyond the obvious and central location of the facial area. You can also meet Dr. Torgerson who can balance his creative understanding and practical performance to achieve the best long-term results for you. 

An indelible impression may be left on the victim of domestic abuse, an auto accident, or any other type of injury. The plastic surgeon's primary goal is to restore the victim to their normal life through sensible and considerate surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery can include bone fractures of the jaw, cheek, or nose. It may also involve soft tissue and skin issues. Over the last several decades, melanoma cases have increased in frequency at an alarming rate. 

Early detection and cure have helped improve survival rates and circumvention of the need for all-encompassing, disfiguring surgical resection. Distressing facial scarring can be a disfiguring and psychologically worrying problem. 

Many types of scarring can occur. A keloid is a visible, raised, itchy scar. These types of scars are more common among Afro-Americans, who have darker skin. They can be treated with steroid injections to keep them down. 

Occasionally multiple-stage facial plastic surgery techniques will furnish the best possibility for successful camouflage of vast faults or defects that exist in particular facial zones. Sometimes, a single surgery is enough to restore a patient's normal appearance.