What Is The Process Of Configuring WiFi Range Extender On Mywifiext?

To start configuring any model of the range extender, you need to first go to the www Mywifiext net setup page. From where you can get the instructions further. Now, if you are a novice user, then you may not know what this address exactly is.

When you buy a new extender to boost the network strength of your existing network, then it becomes pertinent to configure it first. To configure it, you need to connect to the power supply first and then to the computer.

When you connect the extender to the computer, you will find the status light turns green. This means there is a successful connection between the client and the extender. Now, place the router in the same room and connect the extender to its SSID. Open a web browser on your computer and see if the default IP address auto detects or not. If not, you can enter Mywifiext net in the address space manually. Following the login screen, enter the details for login and check the basic settings that must be configured for the successful configuration of an extender.

Once you have successfully entered the Mac address, static IP address, and channel bandwidth, you can disconnect the device from the computer. Restart the device and start connecting the Wi-Fi devices to it. If you need any further assistance, contact experts.