What to Do When Your Deep Fryer is Malfunctioning

One of the best ways for customers to be satisfied if you own a restaurant is to ensure they have access to delicious food. It all starts with the equipment used to prepare the food, such as the deep fryer. You need to get your commercial fryer repaired quickly so that you can make top-quality meals.

There are two options if your deep fryer is having problems. First, contact a commercial fryer repair specialist to inspect it. You can also buy a brand new one. 

Your business will suffer if you delay calling a commercial fryer repair company. You can navigate to this site for a commercial fryer repair service if you notice a problem.

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How to know when it's time to call a commercial Fryer Repair Service

There may be issues beyond your control that require professional assistance. Regular maintenance and cleaning can be a proactive way to ensure this. You can fix problems before they affect the performance of your commercial fryer. You could also learn how to quickly identify issues that require attention. These are the three most common:

Malfunctioning pilot light

This can affect the healing process and result in soggy or crispy food. A specialist will inspect the area and diagnose the problem. They will usually replace the light in most cases to restore normal functioning.

Blockage of the burner

The fryer may be having problems if the flames do not evenly spread across the burner. Use a brush to clean the burner and then try again lighting it. If the problem persists, contact a commercial fryer repair professional.

Temperature control can be a difficult task

The thermostat can be used to determine if the heat is right for your food. Sometimes, the calibration might not be correct or may be lost. This requires immediate replacement.