Which Mulch Material to Choose?

There are several ways to decide what type of mulch to use in your garden. Good mulch protects your plants, reduces erosion, and adds to the beauty of your entire yard. Mulch is organic or inorganic material placed in garden soil, usually around trees, shrubs, plants, and natural areas.

It acts as a protective layer and offers many benefits to your landscape. Mulch acts as an insulator, helping the soil retain moisture and protecting the plant's delicate roots from extreme temperatures. You can buy different types of landscaping mulch via therockyard.com.au/landscaping/mulches-barks.

With all the mulch materials available, it can be difficult to choose the best mulch for your needs. Here are some of the benefits associated with the most popular organic mulching materials available:

Pine Straw:

Pine needles, also known as pine straw, are a popular choice for mulch in landscapes. It is a relatively inexpensive mulch material, and because pine straw is slow to decompose, it lasts longer than some other organic mulching materials. 

Pine Bark Pieces:

Typically reddish-brown, this layer of pine bark adds a clean, natural appeal to any landscape. Pieces of real bark vary in size and can be up to 3 inches in length. Because of their size, they tend to decompose more slowly than soil materials and are good soil recyclers.


This mulch material consists of pieces of wood and bark of different sizes. Sawdust mulch is a great way to recycle unwanted wood waste. They are not easy to wash and help retain moisture in the soil. 

In addition to organic mulch, inorganic materials such as stone, rubber, and plastic can also be used as mulch. These materials will be more expensive and longer-lasting than previous organic mulch options.