Winter Road Maintenance and Road Traffic Accidents

Driving can be dangerous at this time of year. The combination of ice, wind, rain, snow, fog, and dark winter nights can lead to dangerous road conditions and car accidents. Pulling out your car on a winter morning puts you at a higher risk of an accident than during the cool summer months. 

As weather conditions worsen in autumn and winter, the roads become more dangerous. The roads are managed by the Highway Agency, the executive agency of the Ministry of Transportation, which salts and grinds expressways and expressways. You can also visit for road maintenance.

Other small roads are sanded by the local council, although some country roads are not completely covered. The Highway Agency aims to reduce delays and accidents by clearing snow and preventing ice buildup.

Sandblasting services depend on the weather forecast and therefore there is room for error. Sprinkler teams are on standby across the country during the winter months. They wait for the temperature to drop to around 1° and then ask for grinding. 

What to do in case of an accident?

If you have been in a traffic accident that you believe was not your fault, then you may be able to sue for personal injury. 

Avoid Accidents

Even though we rely heavily on road maintenance to maintain road safety, we must always be careful when driving in winter. You have to be extra careful on the road, drive slowly and carefully in bad weather, and make sure your car is serviced.